Speech Language Pathology
Speech Language Pathology

Let's Get Started!

Step 1

Obtain A Referral.

Call your child's pediatrician to obtain a referral.   The referral must contain "Speech Evaluation and Treatment".  This is required by most insurance companies.

Step 2

Schedule the Appointment.

Call Verbal Concepts at 770-719-8840 to schedule the evaluation.  

Step 3 

Complete The Packet.

You will receive a link that will allow you to complete the intake paperwork electronically.  

Step 4

Attend The Evaluation Appointment.

It's time for the evaluation.  Please make sure that you attend the evaluation appointment at the scheduled time.  

Step 5

Wait For A Call from Verbal Concepts.

We will now complete the evaluation report.  If we are recommending therapy, we will forward a copy to be signed by the pediatrician.  We will then forward that signed copy of the report/plan of care to the insurance company to obtain an authorization for therapy.   The parents/legal guardian will also receive a copy of the report.  We will also schedule a time for the therapy appointments once the authorization is received.    

Step 6

Now, Therapy Begins!

It's time for speech therapy.  Please make sure that you show up for each therapy appointment on time.  We want your child to achieve the goals and objectives in his/her plan of care.  Consistency is key in making this happen.  

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